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Funtastic Furs Inc. is the quintessential atelier for esteemed design house seeking to develop, sample and produce fur accessories and garments. Our clients include Jason Wu, Herve Leger, Thom Browne & Marc Jacobs. Headquartered in the industrial heart of Long Island City, Funtastic Furs came to fruition in 1995 from little more than the skill and insight of two furriers, Tasos Karangunis and Eric Rouskas. Our success largely stems from the synergy between all departments within our factory that allows production to flow seamlessly. We source only the highest quality and most sustainable raw materials, such as Saga Furs, which trace back to sustainable farms for full transparency. Continuing to fuse the quality craftsmanship of traditional fur design methods with contemporary techniques for over twenty years, we constantly refresh and maintain the relevancy & social responsibility of the entire industry.

Funtastic Furs is a recipient for the 2017 CFDA FMI Grant