The Art of Fur

The Art of Fur


Product Development

Inception of development commences with our designers' inspirations. Whether we start with a sketch or just an idea, we encourage our designers' imagination through our extensive knowledge of raw materials, technical abilities and artistic understanding. The cycle of product development concludes with the actual creation of tangible products from the artist's uninhibited imagination.


Our techniques

Although we currently possess a vast array of advanced techniques, we continuously reach further to satisfy our designers' continually evolving imaginations. We constantly push the boundaries of our team's technical abilities to meet this creative demand, which allows us to stay at the forefront cutting edge of Fashion.

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Inventory sustainability and traceability

Sustainability remains one of the most vital issues in the Fashion industry. We provide a fully transparent product through the disclosure of information relating to raw material sources, manufacturers and other suppliers in order for all stakeholders, including end consumers, to possess a complete and accurate comprehension of the ethical and environmental impact of a product. Through transparency and traceability, we maintain the highest ethical values and keep our industry sustainable.


Final Creation

The crafting of our products embodies the epitome of high art from the first scribble of the pencil to the final stitch in the label. From inception of the design through creation of the physical product, our process emanates hand-crafted quality and sustainability, resulting in a marvel for the consumer.


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